Marketing Channels and their reach: Online and offline Communication today

Considering the constantly crowing competition on the markets, marketing campaigns have become ever more important. It is especially crucial for young companies to establish themselves on the market and gain an according loyal customer base. For this they can use a variety of marketing channels and measures, ranging from email marketing to social media and print advertisements.

30. January 2020|

Holiday greetings for your customers – Make your Christmas cards a success

Sending Christmas cards to customers has become a matter of course for many companies. After all, you want to thank our loyal customers and partners for the good year and at the same time remain in their memory. But not all communication sent during the holiday season is appreciated by your customers. Many companies miss the mark.

14. October 2019|

5-Star Writing Service for Hotels

A beautiful gesture your guests won’t be expecting: Sophie the Handwriting Robot writes handwritten messages for you. Service at its finest for unforgettable memories. Hotel guests appreciate personal contact with their hosts in the age of online booking portals. With individual communication, you ensure your guests remember their stay for a long time to come.

12. July 2018|