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Environmental protection and print products: These combinations have potential

How to best protect our environment has become a problem that currently moves and inspires people. The “Fridays for Future” movement and “hot” discussions around climate change since the hot summer of 2018 when extreme droughts were covered all over the media still stick in people’s minds.

Exhibition Marketing: The most important tips for the follow-up work after a trade fair – An overview

A trade fair or exhibition provides the ideal surroundings for a company to present itself. In a best-case scenario it allows recruiting new customers and build a network with potential business partners.

Marketing Channels and their reach: Online and offline Communication today

Considering the constantly crowing competition on the markets, marketing campaigns have become ever more important. It is especially crucial for young companies to establish themselves on the market and gain an according loyal customer base. For this they can use a variety of marketing channels and measures, ranging from email marketing to social media and print advertisements.

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