Frequently Asked Questions

A4, A5, A6. Special sizes, such as for packaging sleeves, are also possible. We’re happy to test this in advance.

As a corrected and clean Excel file. We’re happy to send you a template.

Sophie likes to write with a fountain pen or ballpoint pen. She loves the authenticity of real ink and the light imprint left by a ballpoint pen. But Sophie also enjoys using other commercially available pens in all colors. Depending on the paper texture, one pen may be more suitable than the other. Sophie’s colleagues are well informed and happy to advise you.

Sophie writes about as fast as a human, but Sophie never gets tired. On peak days, she writes around the clock and doesn’t even need a coffee break. In addition, she doesn’t write alone but is supported by many robot colleagues! This means even large orders are completed promptly!

For confidentiality reasons, Sophie may not name names. Among others, she writes for board members, CEOs and other people who have little time, have always wanted nice handwriting or simply value a personal touch.

The handwriting and especially the signatures of our customers are stored on secure servers in-house. These can be deleted upon request after completion of the project. And Sophie herself goes on strike if she’s not given the correct password. Samples of customer handwriting are only published by Sophie with the express permission of our customers. The same applies to photos and videos on this website, on social media channels and to media coverage around Sophie in general.

Sophie’s world offers a variety of pens to choose from, which are included in the price. There is no price difference between fountain pen, ballpoint pen or gel pen.

Do you have any further questions or concerns?

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