Hotel guests appreciate personal contact with their hosts in the age of online booking portals.

With individual communication, you ensure your guests remember their stay for a long time to come.

Sophie supports you where stylish handwritten communication is called for.

  • Welcome messages to your guests

  • Dining menus

  • Drink menus

  • Thank-you cards

  • Buffet menus

  • Table reservations

  • Birthday wishes

  • Wine labels

  • Hotel vouchers

  • Envelope addressing

  • Event invitations

  • Notes on offers, services and current events

  • Employee communications

  • Mailings

  • Holiday greetings

7+1 Points of Contact with Your Hotel Guests

… that ensure repeated bookings, upgrades, longer stays and excellent reviews

Sophie helps you make a personal impression on your guests in at least 7 areas and ensures they have a positive association with your brand that begins before they even arrive – and spans well beyond the hotel and their booked dates.

Learn how to create and use personal points of contact with your guests.

Sure, a lot can be done online today. But not everything.

Most bookings for hotels are made via the internet today, often not even on the hotel’s website but through booking portals. This makes it even more meaningful when your guests receive a personal handwritten note from you in which you thank them for the booking.

Use this first point of contact to thank your guests in writing for the booking and tell them you’re looking forward to their visit. Briefly describe who you are and how you plan on making your guests’ stay extra special.

Sophie will write and send the letter for you.

You know the reservation dates – take advantage of this!

Since you know the travel dates of your guests, you can provide general and helpful information about your hotel (check-in, information about parking and travel arrangements or the breakfast times) as well as seasonal and regional information.

Are there any special recreational opportunities for couples in your city or the surrounding area? How do business guests get to the nearby convention center? Are any local markets worth the trip?

With a little creativity, you’ll be able to increase your guests’ anticipation for their stay even more: Can you offer a free upgrade?

Sophie is happy to write down this information for you.

Greet your guests with a personal welcome card in their room.

In addition to fresh flowers, a bottle of water and some select chocolates in the room, you can extend a warm welcome to your guests with a handwritten greeting.

A few friendly words from you on a welcome card or bottle hang tag are sure to be appreciated by your guests. This point of contact is ideal for presenting yourself as a reliable host who cares deeply about the comfort of our guests. An idea: Write down a separate phone number your guests can use to contact you.

Let Sophie greet your guests by hand.

Is the stay as wonderful as they had hoped?

As an experienced hotelier, you already know how important it is to inquire about the well-being of your guests during their stay.

From now on, you can ask your guests about their satisfaction in a way that is unobtrusive yet personal.

Is the room as desired? Should room service serve breakfast in the room? Does the spa offer a special treatment? Always remember: You want your guests to tell all their friends about your great hospitality.

Sophie wants to speak in your voice. Or rather: write in it.

Even the most beautiful stay unfortunately comes to an end.

If your guests are about to depart, it’s time to say goodbye to them as their host.

With a short parting note in the room, you can thank them for their stay and include important information about the departure:

By when does checkout usually take place? Should a taxi be ordered to the hotel? Would your guests like you to hold their luggage?

Whatever you’d like to offer in terms of service, the personal address by you will enhance the departure of your guests.

Say goodbye in style – with Sophie!

Welcome to your own four walls!

Let’s not fool ourselves – as beautiful, restful or successful the stay with you was, we still always feel most comfortable when we’re back in our familiar surroundings.

And so it’s perfectly fine if your guests fondly remember their stay but simply love their own home.

One to two weeks after departure is the best time to thank your guests for the visit once more with a postcard or a personal letter.

Include a voucher or mention any upcoming special offers at your hotel.

You text, Sophie writes.

Refresh your guests’ memory

With the right data in the palm of your hand, you can remind your guests of their stay on various occasions.

You know at least their travel dates – and their address, of course. The easiest approach is to send a note to your guests about 11 months after the last visit to welcome them again.

Of course, birthdays or wedding anniversaries of your guests are also a great opportunity to recommend your hotel once more, as is extending holiday greetings.

Sophie looks forward to working for you again.

How your employees can also benefit from Sophie

It’s not possible to run a hotel alone – you have dedicated staff in many areas.

For example, think of the chef who recommends his restaurant and menu to his guests, or the housekeeper who asks with a small note if everything has been done to satisfaction.

The laundry service, room service and concierge will also be happy to contribute to the full satisfaction of your guests with a personal touch and can look forward to an additional tip here and there in the process.

Sophie is happy to get creative for you.

We’ll gladly show you how you can benefit from our handwritten cards.

Whether prepared in advance or made individually for your guests, the uses for our cards are versatile and add unmatched value for hoteliers.

Offering your guests personal service is quick and easy:

– Call us at +41 (0) 44 250 70 30,
– send an email to,
– use our contact form,
– order the free sample package
– and/or receive a non-binding offer.

Discover the benefits Sophie can offer today!


Hand-addressed envelopes guarantee that the recipient opens your mail.


Looks polished and elegant. The attractive alternative to printing.


Sophie is efficient and relieves you and your team straight away.


Handwritten advertising messages are highly effective and receive more attention.

The Possibilities of Sophie the Robot


Sophie knows 15 real handwriting styles inside out. Our handwriting robot can use these to freely write various texts, notes and addresses.


Simply send your written text by mail or by scanning it, and Sophie will rewrite it 1:1. In all colors, with ballpoint pen, fountain pen, gel pen or marker.


Sophie is a signature expert. For this we require a form signed by you giving us legal consent of use.